Wasana Fishing Park

We are located just a few kilometres outside Pattaya.

Wasana Fishing Park stocks Arapaima to 180cm, Siamese carp to 31kg, Amazon red tail catfish to 23kg, Jullien’s golden carp to 31kg, Mekong catfish to 34kg, tambaqui, leopard catfish, Asian red tail catfish, bighead carp, catla carp, black shark carp, pacu, gourami, alligator gar, rohu, walking catfish, common carp, Nile tilapia, striped catfish, albino striped catfish and silver barb.

We have a restaurant with a great cook and plenty of cold beer. We serve a wide selection of tasty Thai and Western foods. Food and drinks can be delivered to your peg if you don’t want to stop fishing.

Price List

Two rod package ฿3,000, one carp rod and one predator rod includes bucket of ground bait, bread and predator bait pack.
Fishmeal bread that all the fish seem to like ฿50/kg.
Rice husks (rum khao) ฿60/2 kg.
Breadcrumbs ฿100 / large bucket.
Chicken hearts ฿60 per pack.
Fish ฿60 per pack.
Sliced bread for hook bait ฿20.

Prices are per day / per person.
Family and non-fishing guests – no charge. Please note, rods supplied are for the exclusive use of the angler making the booking. Rod sharing is not allowed.

Fishery Rules

  • Here at Wasana Fishing Park we offer over 30 indigenous and imported fish species. Many of our fish are delicate and very expensive so we have a few rules in place to ensure your enjoyment and our fishes continued good health.
  • We are a catch and release fishery, under no circumstances are fish to be removed from the premises. Fish care is our main priority so that others may enjoy catching specimen fish in pristine condition.
  • Do not leave rods with bait on unattended at any time.
  • No rod sharing.
  • Only barbless hooks to be used, no treble hooks, multi hook rigs or wire traces.
  • No fish over 12 kilos to be removed from the water. Please get into the water at the designated area to unhook and get photographs.
  • Fish under 12 kilos may be taken from the water using the slings or landing net. Unhooking mats are supplied and must be used. Please kneel with the fish over the unhooking mat for photos if required, and return the fish as soon as possible and gently to the water. Please do not stand up with the fish.
  • The reels we supply are bait-runners. If you are unsure as to the correct way to use them please ask. Lost rods due to not engaging the bait-runner mechanism will, (if the rod cannot be retrieved) incur an additional replacement cost.
  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult, we cannot accept responsibility for your child’s safety whilst on our premises.
  • Please no outside food or drinks to be brought into the fishing park, we have a full on site menu.
  • The management’s decision on all matters is final.

Wasana Fishing Park is open every day from 9am – 7pm.

Please book your fishing trip as walk up guests cannot always be accommodated.

Telephone: 087 870 6218 English & Thai

Facebook: WasanaFishingPark

We are located at: 12.8918 N, 100.9158 E